3 Core Areas to Optimize your WordPress Blog for High Performance

Millions of websites are created using WordPress and many of those shutdowns because of low traffic. Search engine optimization is the great source of organic traffic and blog performance is one of the important factors to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

WordPress is Content Management System (CMS) that was started in 2003 and become one of prominent blogging platform powering millions of websites across the world. In short period of time, it has dominated the content management system market share by more than 54% as per the statistics report shared by  W3Tech CB Rank company. More than 400 million website are using WordPress and 100 million are business website such as Microsoft, Techcrunch, Thewaltdisney, Mercedes.

Many WordPress hosting companies provides one click installer to setup WordPress blog in a minutes and WordPress easy to use dashboard has makes lot easier to manage startup and small business website. It is also easy to find tutorials on WordPress online to fix the common errors which may encounter in your startup or business blog.

Though, starting a stunning blog does not take time using WordPress, there are 3 major things to consider optimizing startup or business website. Here, you will find 3 core areas to optimizing your blog performance in terms of speed, security and SEO for successful blog.

Blog Speed

Website Hosting

Visitor does not want to wait more than 2 seconds to find the service whether it’s a blog post or online stores. They switch to another website that serves well in terms of speed. One of the important factors to speed up the blog is web hosting server. It is always good to start a blog with WordPress recommended hosting companies. Those companies optimize the WordPress blogs and maintain 99.99% server uptime. You can see what companies does WordPress recommend

Auto minify HTML, CSS and Java

Minify HTML, CSS and Java scripts in your website will increase your blog speed. Minification is the process of removing the unwanted data that increase the website loading time. One of the reasons of WordPress being popular is easy to use which means many developers contributes the tools called plugin to makes easy to manage the entire WordPress blog. You can easily minify the script from your website installing and activating autoptimize plugin. Once activated you can go to the Autoptimize settings and save change the default configuration which will increase your website speed dramatically.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Autoptimize-plugin.png

Website with lots of images slow down the website speed if it is not optimized. Optimizing the images in your WordPress will load your website pages or post instantly. You can install and activate the EWWW Image Optimizer plugins that will polish your images without losing resolution and increase the blog speed

Security Measures

Many WordPress blogs are being hacked due to low security measures. It is important to protect the blog against future attack such as brute force and DDoS.

WordPress provides plugin Jetpack which will protect your blog from the attack. It is also important to activate the firewall to defend the large attack such as DDoS. Sucuri is one of the best companies that provides firewall and mitigate against DDoS attack.

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