How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

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How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

You may see this 502 Bad Gateway Error in your WordPress site once in a while,  502 bad gateway error take place when your blog attempt to connect to your web hosting server and found nothing. this guide is create for you to help you will fix 502 bad gateway error in your WordPress website.

Main issue of 502 Bad Gateway Error

The reason of this error is the when your blog try could not reach to your web server,  if there is a interrupted between a blog and the web server you will landed seeing 502 gateway error. You visitor browse your blog and browser such as Chrome will sent a request to the web server and fails to get connect hen you will see 502 bad gateway error in screen.

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

There are many reasons that you face this 502 bad gateway error, a common method of fixing these error are given below. Try every steps until you get fixed.

Step-1: Reload your website.

Step-2: Clearing Browser Cache.

Step-3: Disabling Plugins.

Step-4: Deactivate Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Firewalls.

Step-4: Check with Website Hosting Provider.

Step-1: Reload your Blog

Sometime due to spikes in web traffic your web hosting server will not be enough to handle the request and you will see 502 bad gateway error. In this case this error generally won’t last long, if you reload your blog after few minutes the error may disappear. If you still see the error then you have to follow the steps below.

Step-2: Clearing Browser Cache

Because of your web browser you may still see the error even it is fix. Browser uses cache file for short time and you need to clear it from the browser and confirm whether the error is fixed or not.

In Google Chrome you will find the cache clearing options by clicking on three dot button which is customize and control Google Chrome  it will be at the top right of your computer screen. Now, you need to go to More tools and click on Clear browsing data option.

You will find the dialog box from time range option, you need to choose All time from the box then click on clear data button.

Now, you had cleaned all the cache your web browser and you need to reload your blog to see the fixes. If it did not fix the error then try next steps.

Step-3: Disable All the Plugins

Because of poorly coded plugins you may see 502 bad gateway error in your WordPress blog. In this case you have to disable all the installed plugins to find out the root cause and delete according. Disable plugins is super easy you just need to rename the plugins folder  in the root directory of the web server which can be access by using FTP Client FileZilla.

Download & Install FileZilla in your computer thenconnect to your web server. Once entered open root directory e.g. public_html folder and you will find wp-content folder.

Double click on wp-content folder to open, there you will find plugins folder. Right click on the plugins folder then click on rename. Now, change the default name to any name e.g. newplugin-fix. It will disable all the plugins in your WordPress website.

You may want to see step by step guide on How to disable all the WordPress plugins.

After disabling, reload your site again and see weather the issue still exist or not. If everything goes well then you know that one of the plugins is corrupted and create the issue you need to activate the plugins one by one until you find the faulty plugin.

Again, in finding the corrupted plugin, you need to change the plugins folder e.g. newplugin.fix to default name e.g. plugins. After did process done you have to open you WordPress Dashboard and activate one by one.

Enter into your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin one by one. Once you figured it out the corrupted plugin you can remove or replace it from your website.

We hope this guide on how to fix 502 bad gateway error in WordPress blog is helpful. You may also like to take a glance on How Do you Host Domain Name If you find this guide helpful, Please share and follow us on facebook.

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