How to Fix WordPress Admin Locked Out Issue

Are you are unable to login to your WordPress dashboard? If you are seeing this error, then there might be some issues with your database which are often fix by repair your blog database. Other side you may have forgotten your WordPress login password which stop you to access your WordPress admin area. This issue can be solve easily following this step by step tutorial which will quickly resolve the locked out of WordPress admin dashboard.

How to fix Locked Out of WordPress Admin Panel

  1. If you see Error Establishing a Database Connection
  2. If Password Reset does not Work
  3. Seeing Blank Page, White Screen of Death

If you see Error Establishing a Database Connection

Locked out of Admin panel is cause due to the issue in database connection, If you are seeing the messages that says error establishing a database connection in your website then you have to fix your WordPress database in order to resolve it. There are many reasons that your WordPress database gets corrupted, something because of high volume of your blog traffic, you blog might crashed as a result you will face this issue. You may also see this error due to the server issue from your hosting provider side. Something your web hosting providers upgrade the server resources, and these may break your database and end up seeing the error in database connection. Other issues could be the incorrect database password that was set in your blog’s database. You can see this step-by-step tutorial to fix error establishing a database connection in your WordPress blog.

2. Resetting WordPress login Password not Working

The other reason that you are not able to login to your admin panel is while you forget your login password. Incorrect login credential will not allow you to access your blog panel, if you have forgotten your WordPress password then you should request for the new password which typically can be done simply by going to the login pages then click on the link that says lost your Password. You can access you login pages simply by adding /wp-admin/ after your domain name.

Something, you may not receive the reset link in your registered mail from WordPress, if so then you need to do these manually. You need to access your WordPress root folder in your web server where your entire WordPress files and folders are located. You need to download and install FTP client which is available for free and we recommend you use FileZilla for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac Book to access your web server.  Here the tutorials in depth for you to reset wp admin password easily in your WordPress blog.

3. Seeing Blank Page which is also called White Screen of Death

When you see blank, empty pages then you there are some faulty script in your blog which breaks your blog. The faulty script can get into your blog while installing plugins or themes which cause this issue. The broken script will trigger your blog PHP memory limit and end up with empty pages which is also named as white screen of death. If you are seeing this error, then there are several reason of this issue which we have covered in this step by step guide to fix the WordPress white screen of death.

We hoped that this guide we have created for you on fixing locked out of WordPress admin dashboard is helped you. If you have fixed the issues applying the steps above, then we will be grateful to hear in the comment section below. Please follow us in Facebook.

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