How to Solve Image Upload Issue

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How to Solve Image Upload Issue

Are you seeing Image uploading issue in your WordPress blog? It is frustrating for the beginner when you try to upload your images in your blog and end up with the error message.

This is also the common error that you encounter anytime. This error occurs especially when the file permission in your blog is incorrect. Something due to server glitch you may see this error

In this tutorial, you will see step by step to fix image upload issue in your WordPress blog and help you to prevent any further error while uploading images.

Quick Fix Image Upload Error in WordPress

  1. Change Directory File Permissions to 755

You can change existing file permission to 755 for entire folder in your site.

  • Change File Permission to 644

You need to change existing file permission to 644 for entire files in your website.

Causes of Image Upload Error in WordPress

Your WordPress site need hosting server where all your blog data is hosted and those file and folders need to have specific permission to run which will change sometimes without doing anything.

Image uploading issue typically occurs because there is some restriction in your web server which is known as file permission that is not set correctly. You need to change the correct file permission to the file and folder in your Blog.

You may be seeing this message in your blog while uploading the images.

Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2021/07. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Here is the example images for you to help understand better.

You may also see something like this below while uploading images from your WordPress editor where the images disappear and see small broken logo.

How do File Permissions Change in my Blog?

We cannot find the particular cause of the unexpected changes of file permission in your web server. But usually when you hosting provider upgrades the server resources this may change the file permission in your web server.

Fix Image Upload Issue in WordPress?

All you need to do first is to download and install FTP client FileZilla , if you are using Mac book then you need to install Cyberduck to access you web server. Follow the steps below to change file permissions in of your blog.  Download & install FileZilla and from the remote section open root directory it will usually be public_html where you will find all your blog core files and folder. Find and open /wp-content/ then you will see uploads folder.

Upload folder will contain all your images and videos uploaded in your blog and that folder need to have correct file permission to so that it operates well.

Step-1: Change Directory File Permissions to 755

Once you connected to your Web server you need to open root directory the inside /wp-content/ you have to find uploads  folder. Right click on the folder and click on File permission. In the numeric value box you need to change the existing value to 755 which is correct file permission for entire directory and sub-directories of your blog.

Now click on Recurse into sub directories  then choose Apply to directories only  and click on OK button.

Step-2: Change File Permission to 644

As you have changed the directory permission to 755. You need to change the correct file permissions to file also. Again Right click on uploads folder then go to file permission and change the value to 644 in numeric value field. Choose Recurse into sub directories  andclick on the Apply to files only and click on ok .

That all, now you can upload the images without any interruption in your WordPress blog. Login to your WordPress control panel then upload the images in your Blog.

We hope that this guide is being helpful to you. You may also like to take a glance on Easy Ways to Fix 429 Too Many Requests Error. Please share and follow us on Facebook  and let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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