How to Speed up your Blog

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How to Speed up your Blog

Is your WordPress blog taking time to load? According to Google website speed is one of the crucial factors to grow your small business online. WordPress is easy open sources Content management software and used by millions of bloggers and top brands as well.

Many WordPress hosting companies provide one click installer to setup WordPress blog in a minute and WordPress easy to use dashboard has made it a lot easier to manage startup and small business websites. It is also easy to find many WordPress tutorials online that will help you to fix the common errors which will occur in your startup or business blog. If you are beginners then WordPress is the best choice to start your blogging journey.

Starting a stunning WordPress blog is easy but optimizing your blog speed could be challenging for the beginners. In this guide we have shown you the three easy ways to optimize your blog performance instantly.

Why do Blog Speed Matters?

Blog performance is the most important thing that every blog, online store, social network needs. Blog speed is all about retaining your visitors. If you are a blogger then you want your visitors to stay on the pages and read the post. If you have an online store then you want your customers to purchase the stuff. If the information in the blog or checkout process in your online store does not load immediately then your users will switch to another website. Blog performance will increase your sales and engage your blog visitors.

There are some case studies that show how low performance has affected online business.

The BBC has found that their 10% visitors were lost while their blog takes time to load.

DoubleClick which is operated by Google has told that 53% of mobile site visitors switch to another website when the page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Free Tools to check your Blog Performance Score

1.           Google Page Speed insight

2.           GTmetrix

Google Page Speed Insight: This tool is used to check your blog performance score provided by Google to help you to optimize your blog for speed. It will show you detailed reports and show you what you need to do to increase your blog speed.

GTmetrix: It is also one of the best tools that will tell you why your blog is slow and where you can improve your blog loading time.

3 Core Areas to Boost WordPress Site

1. Best WordPress Hosting Provider

1. Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Are you hosting your small business blog with a trusted hosting provider? Visitors do not want to wait more than 2 seconds to find the service whether it’s a blog post or online stores. They will switch to another website that loads fast. One of the first things to speed up the blog is WordPress’s recommended web hosting server.

There are some Website hosting companies that are recommended by WordPress officially. WordPress hosting providers have optimized server resources that will reduce your blog loading time and increase visitors that bring more sales to your online business. Website hosting providers such as BlueHost, Siteground and Dreamhost are the best providers that are powering millions of WordPress blogs across the world.

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